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So I said in the box opening post that I was gonna add on to the outfit he currently has. Here's the finished work! I made the cloak, neck ring(?), headband and waist sash. (〃∇〃) 

Without cloak

Some of you might have realized that the six coins emblem is the Sanada crest! (●´艸`●) The color scheme and waist sash are actually inspired from Sanada Nobuyuki of Samurai Warriors 4.

Sanada Nobuyuki of Samurai Warriors 4

Speaking of Sanada Nobuyuki, the name I mentioned I was considering in the box opening post was actually "Nobuyuki" lol. Or "Xinzhi" which is the Chinese reading for his name in Kanji 「信之」. But Strawberry's finished look also reminds me a tiny wee bit of Bachong Xue of Chang An Fantastic Night...

Bachong Xue of Chang An Fantastic Night.
The color scheme matches too!​​ ฅ(*ΦωΦ*)ฅ

So I'm gonna call my Strawberry "Xue", but with a different Chinese character「薛」 (●´艸`●)フフフ  Here he goes!

On another note, I've read some comments about Cherry Castle dolls having weird egg shape heads with tall foreheads which is pretty much the same with my boy. You can see a picture from his side view photo here or more in the box opening post. But it worked perfectly for me in this case with just the right amount of space (or extra space) for both his hair and headband! 

So I guess he's almost completed except that I still need to add hair extension so he has long hair like Bachong Xue lmao.  (●´ω`●) And I probably need to change his eyes colors too maybe?? 

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