Posted Thursday, May 18, 2017 // 15:22

I was just replying a thread on DOA about the topic "If Your Dolls Came To Life" and OMG it totally reminded me of the game Nameless. I totally love that game! (≧▽≦ ). 

Though if ALL of my dolls come alive they could probably be starred in a game called Homeless because I'd have no space at home for all of them lmao! but I think it'd be awesome if the bigger boys (60cm+) were alive though! Imagine a whole bunch of handsome guys in your life and maybe one might even call you "Master" like Yeonho in Nameless did LOL! :D *brings out the whip* (JK)

I'd totally love to know what they say to me though I can already imagine how they would behave around me. I posted this on DOA too but I'll repost it here because it's really fun LOL! I think I'll expand on it more when I have the time! (●´艸`●)フフフ  
  • J will just laze around all day (like my cat) listening to music and generally being in his own world.
  • L will ensure that my house will forever be lacking in money trying to feed his sugar addiction.
  • Masaru will hog the piano everyday playing and composing music and then forgetting everything.
  • Manabu will probably be the most "normal" one (like going out to work and all), although he's also the most likely to blow up my house with his scientific experiments.
  • J.D. will most likely be a silent enigmatic presence, always staying close, never straying far.
  • Hwan Xi will probably be the maknae who always liven up the atmosphere.
  • Yushu will just take charge and boss everyone around LOL

..... I just realized I'm lacking a boy who will call me "Master" LOL ψ(`∇´)ψ

(Is that a sign for me to get Loong Soul Lie Er?)




Posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 // 10:40

OMG, I just saw Soom's new Super Gem Cat Walk Wolf! I really love his eyes! He reminds me of a K-Pop singer but for the life of me I can't remember who. I think it's that hair LOL.

Photos by Soom

I think the romantic version looks a little like a younger version of Zak♥. But... Must. Resist.

I doubt I can get him since I'm broke at the moment but I feel like getting his elegance hands for my Chrom. I wonder if Soom will let me add the hands to my Zak order so I can save on shipping. Damn, sometimes I wish these companies can just sell the heads only. (TT_TT)




Posted Thursday, May 11, 2017 // 10:36

I've gotten my DLD boy last week but have yet to edit their box opening pictures because, ya know, I'm backlogged as hell and I still have my Loongsoul boy's box opening photos to edit, lmao. But anyway, I tried my DF-A Bach practice head on the DLD body and although the head is still a bit big for the body, it isn't too bad if he wears clothing, especially loose fitting one. I'm still undecided if Mu Myeong will get the body or not but that's another story for another day lol.

Finally also got wigs with matching colors for brothers Mu Myeong and Mu Jeong!

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