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※ Continued from the Box Opening! 


Gave the guy his first faceup. And it's also my second attempt at body blushing! Actually I did the body blushing on the same day I did Xue. I don't really know where to blush so I just blushed wherever I like lmao, particularly the collarbones and torso. I really like the additional realism it gives to the doll! I think I will try to give the rest of my boys body blushing when I can! (≧▽≦) I'm a little concerned if the blushing will come off easily though; I'm not very keen to un-string him to wash him and then restring him again. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

I really adore the MK one-piece torso body! He poses well right out of the box too (no restringing needed) and stands like a rock. Although I think he could probably do more poses with the two-piece or three-piece torso body, I absolutely have no regrets choosing this body! 

Finished look! I ended up loving the little guy so much that I'm happy to have him home even if Mu  Myeong is still bodiless LOL!

Sorry for the low quality and dark images, I have taken some photos of him but I haven't got around to edit them yet so I'll post them up in a couple days... (maybe). I also modified his wig to add the little pigtails like An Bi Cheng in Chang An Fantastic Nights! And yes, little guy is also called Bi Cheng LOL (LMAO at myself (◐ω◐)) 

An Bi Cheng of Chang An Fantastic Nights

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