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Okaaay, my Loongsoul boy actually arrived first but there are more photos to edit + a box opening photostory for him so it will get some time for me to get off my lazy butt to finish his box opening post. So in the meantime, here's the box opening for my Cherry Castle Strawberry and Doll Family H Xiao Xing Practice Head. 

I've been thinking about getting Strawberry but didn't know where to order Cherry Castle dolls from so I did some research before I ordered Strawberry via CC Dollhouse, an official dealer, on Taobao since they were the closest to my China shipping agent's warehouse and the local shipping was both fast and free. I requested to change to a boy body as well because as everyone knows, I'm biased towards boys LOL. I also came across some additional hands Cherry Castle had but I didn't see them in the agent's store so I contacted Cherry Castle's official store a couple days later and asked them if I could buy the hands from them and have it shipped together with my order via CC Dollhouse, which they said wasn't a problem, to my great relief. 

Anyhow, CC Dollhouse is also an official dealer for many other Chinese dollmakers so I also threw in a practice head from DF-H to boot and ordered them both on Feb 8. The extra hands were ordered from Cherry Castle on Feb 10. They arrived on Mar 21, which is a special day because it's Sato Takeru's birthday! ♥ 

Two cuties helping with the box opening~

Two boxes! One from Cherry Castle containing Strawberry and,
the other from the agent containing Xiao Xing and stuff I bought.

First up!
The box from the official dealer containing Xiao Xing and stuff I bought.

Doll Family-H Xiao Xing Practice Head (NS)
Not sure if people actually give their practice heads names LOL.
But I guess I will give him one after I'm done with his first faceup.
For now he's tentatively "Mu Yeong" 「無影」

Now on to the main event!

Strawberry came in a pretty cushion pouch encased in a wooden box.
I really like their packaging idea! It's so adorable! (>ω<)b
Their COA though, just had a date written on it lmao.

The additional hands I ordered from Cherry Castle to add on to my order through CC Dollhouse.
They are so much more cuter than I expected! (๑ↀᆺↀ๑) 

And so while I was still gushing over the hands, the little ones has already begun to "dig their buddy out" from the pouch...

Apparently not "deaded" yet...

He came tightly strung which suits me just fine since I could pose him right out of the box. He even managed to stand on one leg even though it took me quite some time to make him do that pose! (●ↀωↀ●)✧

Ain't he a cutie? (っ´>ω<))ω<`) 


His first faceup! I kind of like how it turned out but I think the lips are a little too dark so I might re-do the faceup when I stop being lazy have time. It's also my first attempt trying my hands on body blushing! The body blushing isn't that well done since I'm still an amateur but I really like how much realism it adds to the doll! I might just give a few more of my current boys body blushing too! (*ˊᗜˋ*)


Yes, butt sanding. Everything was fine with my little boy... except for his butt, or rather, his butt crack. It just wasn't well cut and the cut was very jagged, which was very jarring on the eyes. To be honest, I was rather disappointed because this looked like shoddy work, or maybe they were trying to rush out the orders but I'd rather they take a bit more time to give me a finished doll. The weird thing was that my boy didn't have seams so if they bothered to sand the seams I don't know why they couldn't be bothered to sand his butt crack too LOL. Well, sorry if I'm being a pain in the butt for being so fussy about my dolls' butts. 

On top of that, he seems to have... a "lady slit" in his nether region. (꒪⌓꒪) I checked my Volks and Soom tinies and they don't have it so I don't know if Cherry Castle boys are supposed to have that or if they just slapped boys' part on their girl body LOL. Either way, it makes him look like a hermaphrodite. And yes, the "slit" cut was pretty jagged too, so much that it looked like it has teeth from certain angles LOL. Scary. (¬_¬)

So... butt crack sanding:

The above link contains photos of "sensitive" area (aka the nether regions).
Might be considered obscene/gross to some. Proceed with caution or skip it!


Strawberry boy with outfit and wig.

I'm going to modify/add on to the outfit that I bought off Taobao and maybe change his look a little. I still haven't decided on a name although there's one lingering in my mind, but I'm still unsure. So he's just going to potter around nameless for the time being. 

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