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Dear Loong Soul,

Please stop popping 'em cute guys out so quickly like popcorn. 

Somebody's wallet

OMG Loongsoul, what's up with them crunching out all these boys one after another?! Just when I just gotten my Ghost Lin and has yet to do anything with him (I blame the lack of time + my notorious laziness) I got sidetracked again and yet again. 

I did quite like Miao Jun when he was first released but it wasn't enough for me to justify bringing him home even if he's beautiful and the costume is pretty and all (I think maybe it was the hair) but then I had to see the bust shot of Miao Jun in a short wig and in full frontal view last week which totally broke me and my will power to resist. 

All it took to convince me was this look LOL

And now on week later just when I'm debating if I should put Miao Jun in the priority wishlist they had to release Lie Er. Noooooooooo whyyyy? Why you do this to me? Loong Soul, why?!

I seriously think I got a thing for smiling sculpts lately. (¬_¬)

I think Miao Jun and Lie Er look quite similar, although they each have their distinctive look and it's giving me such a dilemma. How do I choose?! Damn you Loong Soul. I think I'm just going to put both of them into the wishlist until I find myself a rich hubby or a money tree LOL. 

A comparison for Lie Er vs. Miao Jun side by side. 

On a funny note, I was asking Loong Soul a bunch of questions and I commented that I can't choose because I like them both and Loong Soul was like "get both. twins." LOL! Sooooo totally not helping me here. 




Blogger DollsDolour said...

Lol, not helping at all there. But I agree with Loong Soul - Twins is a good thing ! They are beautiful!

Sunday, April 16, 2017 2:23:00 am  

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