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Today is not just Halloween but also our L's, of Death Note fame, birthday and arrival date. Admittedly, it took Galileo a lot of planning, scheming and threatening Lady Luck to stand on her side to make it happen. [Recap]

It has been 3 years since L came home to us to a rainy day. There's no Halloween photoshoot this year again, supposedly due to time constraints, but in actuality because Galileo is as lazy as ever. Like last year, there is a simple photoshoot for L, with his simple new gift from all of us. Nothing as epic as last year though, because Galileo is lazy, as always. So here goes.

Nutella - L Approves!
His birthday gift --- a jar of Nutella! L approves.
(It's really a keychain that Galileo got from buying a real jar of Nutella.
Whatever happens to her "diet".)

L with his Cellphone!
"Ok Watari, get me more of those Nutella!"

Just L.
L and his Hyottoko mask from last year!

Happy Birthday L! And Happy 3rd Anniversary! 
Try not to eat the Café out of cakes.
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