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Okay, since Galileo is too busy lazy to update the blog, the crew at Café Galileo (lead by yours truly) has decided to take over it, by force and by crook. We have some new updates considering a special date is descending fast upon us... The blog has a new makeover in time for Halloween, although much is still incomplete, so please bear with us while we fiddle fine tune it.

Also, I'm kind of miffed that Galileo never got around to getting my faceup and hairstyle done... So this is my current look until she gets off her big fat lazy arse posterior and do something about it. So here goes. My selfie!

Shinobu's Selfie

Happy Halloween Eve!
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Blogger Galileo said...

In my defence, I'm kind of broke now............... -[Galileo]

Thursday, October 30, 2014 1:02:00 pm  

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