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October 31 is a special date not only because it's Halloween, but also because it's L's (of Death Note) birthday, and L's (my Soom Chrom) arrival date! Can the date get any more special than that? ♥(>w<)♥

I was initially planning to do a Halloween theme photoshoot, but I was making a present for L and was in a rush to have it done by the end of October, so I didn't get to do any nice Halloween photoshoot. But I managed to do a simple one for L with his new present.

Can you guess what the present is? (​ ̄​​​▽​​​ ̄)

Happy Birthday, L!

Yes! It's the hyottoko mask that was used by L (Matsuyama Ken'ichi) in the Death Note Live-action films!  (≧ー≦)​ 

Matsuyama Ken'ichi as the perfect L~♥

I made the hyottoko mask from scratch out of LaDoll clay and painstakingly painted all the details by hand. Granted, it isn't a perfect 100% exact copy, shape-wise or detail-wise, since I couldn't find a clear, proper photo of the one used by L for reference. And in the rush, I also put the mask on the wrong side of his head LOL! But I supposed I am happy enough with the end result considering the rush to complete it before Halloween!

Here are some photos of my L (Soom Chrom) with his new mask that I took with both my camera and phone camera. I hope you enjoy them! More photos will be posted on Flickr as well! 

Happy Birthday, L!

Happy Birthday, L!

Happy Birthday, L!

Happy Birthday, L!
"I am L."

Happy Birthday, L
and Happy 2nd Anniversary!! ♥

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