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Seeking new home for this lovely doll. In the spirit of full disclosure, he didn't came to me in perfect condition. I actually considered him a "project doll" because I had to work on him quite a bit to make him acceptable to my standards.

Some thing to take note of (details in the respective sections below)
  • I requested for a boy body but he seems to have both boy and girl parts (hermaphrodite maybe).
  • He has some slight scratches on one of his wrist.
  • Some sanding/repairs done to his butt crack line and "nether region" because the lines originally were not well cut.
  • He has a faceup and simple body blushing done by me. The paint on his lip has come off a little. I'm selling him as a blank/nude doll so I am not charging anything for the faceup/blushing since most new owners will wipe it down anyway.
You can find more extensive details about him below and here:

Company: Cherry Castle
Body: Boy body, has a "lady slit" (hermaphrodite maybe)
Skin tone: Normal Pink Skin
Year: 2017
Comes with: wooden box, cushion pouch, certificate
Yellowing: none, this was made in 2017
Seams: none

Feel free to contact me on DOA (id: Galileo) or Ebay (id: cafegalileo) if you are interested!
[DOA SALES THREAD || EBAY LISTING ] ($90 + shipping) Thank you! ♥





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