Posted Thursday, August 03, 2017 // 11:05

So there was this post on DOA about a list of 13 dolls of your choice you could have.

It was a tough choice but I came up with a list these are more or less my perennial favorites (contains a mix of dolls I have and are on my wishlist)!

My Harem of 13?!?! (* are those I don't have)
  1. Soom Zak (One Fine Spring Day is my current grail doll!) *
  2. Soom R. Zak (Spring Comes.. Rain Falls)
  3. Soom Hyperon (Destiny Symphony Lucifer) *
  4. Souldoll Chiron
  5. Souldoll H.C. Yurr
  6. Switch Mocha Brown Waseon
  7. msDoll/SooLeeDoll Drayton 2nd
  8. Crobidoll AMNESIA Ver. Toma *
  9. RSdoll New Evan*
  10. RSdoll M.New Evan *
  11. Rosen Lied Wednesday Child Duke *
  12. Rosen Lied Tuesday Child Sage
  13. Soom SO Smokey *
There are still soooo many I like. But I think thinking about it is a pretty good exercise to limit your wishlist and stop those doll hoarding! I was initially thinking about overhauling and downsizing my collection so at least I think this is a start! 




Blogger Irene said...

Oh wow, this is an interesting one! It's soo hard to only choose 13! x3
Love your list though(yaay for cuties from Soom & switch!), and it seems you're already halfway to completing it ^^

Thursday, August 03, 2017 2:22:00 pm  

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