Posted Monday, June 05, 2017 // 11:46

Gave Jeremy a new faceup. I usually aim for more natural colors so this time I wanted to try darker colors especially for the eyebrows and eye shadows. Here's the results:

I love how the lips turned out but meh, not that hot about the eyes.  I guess really not very used to using dark colors LOL. I think I'll have to redo it some time. I like his current look better than his first one though, I think his wig really suits him. Maybe if he has a better faceup..... (¯⌓¯) 

I also tried some body blushing on his body! I messed up his back and legs a little so there are still some signs of smudges here and there but I guess now I know better. 
It's also the first time I tried giving "manicures" to my doll although I skipped the gloss. Maybe I should have added it?? 

Seriously though, body blushing really makes such a difference! I wonder what I've been doing all this while without body blushing LOL. I'll try to do blushing on the rest of my smaller since I'm not too confident with the bigger boys yet. (>.<)

Feedback and suggestions to improve are always welcome! o(>w<)o

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