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OMG my dream boy! I totally fell in love with One Fine Day Zak (one of my grail dolls!♥♥♥) but I missed his initial release because I was on dolly hiatus and I only saw him when I returned from hiatus and browsed through all the older releases (fingers, why you itchy?!). I think I MIA-ed around March 2015, and he was released in June 2015. I COULD TOTALLY KILL MYSELF ARGGGGH *smack self*.  

Anywayyy, I was soooo happy Soom re-released him as Spring Comes, Rain Falls.. Zak. As I said in my one of my previous posts on Zak,  I was a little... worried (for my wallet) when I first saw Soom's teaser photo because I've got a thing for Rain and Spring is relevant for one of my characters. Then bam! I saw the rest of his photos in this Cherry Blossom Set and I'm a goner. (꒪⌓꒪)

I was considering getting both romantic and default head but there would be only one body... so I decided to just get the romantic head. After all, I can always get Soomed again if they re-released One Fine Day Zak LMAO (aaaaand I still have a Hyperon scar-face version to save up for, but that's another story). 

I ordered him on March 12, a special day, and got him with the ID72 body with tawny skin, face up, default hair and the special H10 hands. It was tough choosing between the ID72 and ID75 body but I was thinking Hyperon's character would be the tallest and I always try to have variety in my collection, so I went with ID72 for Zak. But who knows, if Soom re-released One Fine Day Zak I might just get him on the ID75 body instead. BROTHERS?? ( ๑´艸`๑)フフフ 

Anyhow, enough blabbering. 

Zak was sent out to me on June 08 and arrived home on June 10. J was "forced" by our handsome King to assist with the box opening! 

((Click to enlarge if you can't read the text!))

Lolwut, he IS a great treasure to me okay!  ( ̄ヘ ̄)ゞ 

Zak is currently wearing an extra wig I have and Yushu's (spare) casual outfit, which is obviously too small and too short for him LOL. But he'll just have to live with it until his wig, shoes and commissioned outfit arrive. 

I originally bought him intending to make him into one of my character but I'm kind of wanting to make him another character now. I'm being a bit more careful about his character because I don't want to change it again, and experience tells me that I should wait for his finished look before I confirm his name/character, so he'll tentatively go by R.Z. for now, which is actually short for the current name I wanted to give him but I also realized that R.Z. could also be short for his sculpt name Romantic Zak LOL! So I guess that works out.

I can't wait for him to be completed! (≧▽≦ )

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