Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2017 // 14:44

After seeing Loong Soul's doll bust display stand with the dreamy Miao Jun head on it, I regretfully report that I've gotten a fascination with those display stands LOL.

I figured I would get one for Aki, my Switch Huisa's head, since he probably won't be getting a body any time soon (probably never LOL) but then I figured I might as well wait until I have the moolah to bring Miao Jun (or Lie Er) home and buy them together during a promotion for more bang for my bucks. I managed to find another lower priced bust stand from Taobao and got one to "test out" since I've never seen a doll bust display stand before. It's much simpler than the Loong Soul one based from the photos, but it works. I'm just glad the neck more or less fits and the skin tone is more or less close. Anyhow, I can still use this stand for one of my many other heads when I eventually get the Loong Soul bust display stand for Aki. (≧▽≦ )

The bust display stand is really much smaller and lighter than I expected LOL!! But after seeing how Aki looks on it, I'm pretty tempted to get more stands for the rest of my doll heads LOL! But like my preference in doll bodies, I'll probably go for variety with these bust display stands as well. My next dolly bust display stand goal (lmao) is to get that Loong Soul one.

I might be crazy but I'm also thinking of blushing the display stand lol. One day maybe, when I work on a faceup!

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