Posted Thursday, June 29, 2017 // 10:43

Finally got around to take some photos of Lian Yin and Shun Ying. Shun Ying (aka Jade Rabbit) is a Doll Legend Mu Jin (Boy version) and Lian Yin (aka Rein aka our Little Angel) is well... Lian Yin LOL. I received them a couple months also but never got around to take photos of them because I wanted to finish making Shun Ying's outfit, but I ended up procrastinating and never got around to making it (yet). So might as well just go ahead with taking some photos of them first.

Lian Yin is one of those rare dolls of mine that is completed LOL, since majority of my dolls are incomplete or works-in-progress LOL. As for Shun Ying, I managed to modified his wig (previously Jeremy's wig here) and added those gradient extensions, so all that is left for him is his outfit, which I promise I'll work on... when I'm not feeling lazy LOL!



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■ Lian Yin
■ Shun Ying

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