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I think Myou Doll have really beautiful sculpts and I've been eyeing Doudou with the 30cm body for a while. So when they had a promotion I jumped on the chance to get Boy Doudou with Girl Doudou's faceup and body blushing. I really like the girl Doudou's faceup, especially her lips, but obviously I'm biased towards boys. Fortunately, Myou doll acceded to my request for a boy Doudou with girl Doudou's faceup! Yay!

Doudou was supposedly shipped to me on Jun 14, but I think they actually sent him out a few days later due to weather issues. He arrived home on June 22 but I only managed to do the box opening on June 24. Without much fuss, here's his box opening with newest tiny Lian Yin (Rein) to help us!  

I think the Myou tiny with the 30cm body is kind of like a tiny version of a giant baby like the Rosen Lied Holiday Child, which in turn is like a mega version of a normal tiny, if it's ain't confusing enough LOL!! Anyway, Below is a comparison shot of the Myou 30 tiny with a 26cm tiny. As you can see he's obviously bigger. He can't fit into most of my 1/6 outfits, which are too small for him, and he actually wears wigs meant for 1/4 dolls. Even so, it was hard to put on the 1/4 sized wig I got for him from Luts; it's a pretty tight fit with a wig cap. 

Since most 1/6 outfits can't fit him, and 1/4 outfits are kind of too big, I think I'll make him an outfit so until then, he'll be in this outfit (borrowed from Rain) temporarily. In the meantime, meet Tomonori!

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