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Well, I've been on a hiatus (or rather keeping away from dolly news) for a while so I totally missed some dolls which I regretted not getting even though I was only aware of their existence after I came back, like Lucifer Hyperon and One Fine Day Zak. *throws myself into a wall*

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Then Soom released the teaser for Spring Comes Rain Falls Zak and I was a little... worried because I've got a thing for Rain and Spring is relevant for one of my characters. Then bam! I saw him in this Cherry Blossom Set and I'm deadededed. (꒪⌓꒪) Lmao send help. Or an ambulance. Or a hearse.

Photo © Soom 

I'm so tempted to click on the buy now button lmao. The devil on my shoulder is chanting click-click-click-click while the angel on my other shoulder is all like no-money-no-buy and the devil is like layaway-layaway-layaway-layaway and the angel finally throws down an ultimatum, Hyperon or Zak. I don't think I can afford both of them especially if Soom re-releases scar-face Hyperon, unless I want to eat grass for the rest of my life, in which case I can change my name from Galileo to Cowlimoo. *joke as lame as my wallet*

I'm so conflicted!! I'm a little glad he's available until March 12 so it remains to be seen if the devil or the angel finally wins out. 

HE'S SO SEXY!! ♥♥♥
Photo © Soom 




Blogger DollsDolour said...

Such a handsome one! Can imagine that you are a bit conflicted, I would be too!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:49:00 pm  

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