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In Bi Cheng's box opening, I mentioned looking for a body for Mu Myeong. From the company pictures, I think Doll Legend (DLD) has one of the nicest MSD bodies around although I also like the Mystic Kids MSD body. Figured I might also get little Lian Yin because she/he's (genderless body) is such a cutie and I have a weakness for the name "Lian Yin" which is also "Rein" in Japanese (no thanks to a certain game but never mind me and my weird obsession of naming dolls after people and characters lolol).

Anyway, they were ordered on Jan 29 via CC Dollhouse, an official Chinese dealer during a massive sale. I also ordered extra hands a couple days later from Doll Legend's official Taobao store to add on to my order via CC Dollhouse, which they so kindly allowed me to. (I later learnt from the dealer that the doll companies would be the ones to ship the doll directly to me, so I guess that was why Cherry Castle and Doll Legend both agreed to let me buy the hands from them to add on to my order via the agent lol).

The two little DLD ones finally arrived home on May 4, 2017. ٩(^▿^)۶ Daniel, Ota and Bi Cheng helped with the box openings.

3 boxes crappily taped together by my shipping agent.

The biggest box contains Mu Jin, the second biggest contains Lian Yin, 
and the smallest contains the extra hands I added on later.

Random eyes and lovely  VIP cards that serve as COAs. 

Dainty hands for Lianyin


First up, box opening for Doll Legend Mu Jin. Mu Jin is shown as a girl in their official photos. I requested to change to a boy body which they tried their best to accommodate me! (>w<)

 I literally laughed when I saw him because his head is SO small. As you can see...

Comparison photos of DLD Mu Jin with Ota (Luts), Mu Myeong (DF-A) and Bi Cheng (Mystic Kids). As you can see, the DLD 1/4 head is REALLY small. At first, I wondered if  it was because it was originally meant to be a girl sculpt, but I checked with DLD and they said the head sizes for both 1/4 girls and boys are the same. (° Д ° ) The agent also commented that DLD heads are typically smaller than other companies' dolls. But like, seriously...

Size difference between DLD and DF-A heads (both 1/4).
The discrepancy is worse than DLD vs. MK LOL.

The DF-A head is still a bit big for the DLD body, but it's not as bad as the MK body as seen in Bi Cheng's box opening. Mu Myeong is pretty sad he's still going to be body-less LOL. I think I'm just gonna give up on finding a body for him and just let him share a body with one of the other boys.


Next, moving on to Lian Yin.

The DLD tinies have genderless "Angel" bodies. 
But this is probably one of the most muscular tiny I've ever seen lmao.

The sculpting detail isn't too bad though, for a tiny!
There are even curves on his feet unlike the flat feet some of my dolls have.

Side by side comparison of DLD 1/4 Mu Jin and DLD 1/6 Lian Yin.

They are literally the same size LOL. I can't tell from the head size if Mu Jin is a MSD or tiny lmao.Dude can wear 6-7" wigs for tinies, but with 7-8 wigs, the 1/4 head-body proportion worked out fine especially after he puts on an outfit.


First attempt at creating bruise (at the corner of the mouth). I guess it isn't really obvious. 

He's currently in a temporary outfit borrowed from Ota until I get around to making one for him. His character is supposed to be the "Jade Rabbit" (also known as "Moon Rabbit"). It's actually a title and he's supposed to have another (personal) name but I have yet to decide on one. So until then he'll go with the "Jade Rabbit". Hopefully he will reveal his name to me by the time I complete his outfit!

I was debating trying out new faceup features on him but decided to just give him a normal one. 
I like his look so far, my little angel! (*´³`*)ㄘゅ♡

And yes, he's meant to be an angel (kind of??). He has a pair of wings but it's not shown in the above photo. Lianyin is about as completed as he goes! I guess that's kinda rare because almost all of my dolls are works-in-progress haha. For the first time, I'm sticking to the sculpt name as his name except with different Hanzi「蓮音」. His name is also read as "Rein" in Japanese, so I'll be using the names (and calling him) Lianyin and Rein interchangeably. 

I guess it's time for a photoshoot for the new cuties huh. Though I think it might probably need to wait until I get Jade Rabbit's outfit done. (๑ↀᆺↀ๑) 

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Congrats on the arrivals, they are both lovely!!

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