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I should seriously stop getting side-tracked and get around to editing my poor Loongsoul boy's box opening photos... but his mistress has a really bad habit of getting side-tracked so anyhow, here's a side-tracked post of Ota in his traditional outfit with a side-tracked commentary about getting side-tracked from my Loongsoul boy.

The Kariginu was originally meant for Soom Cheshire Cat which I was hoping to get my hands on... but I never did, since I just wanted the human version and I don't think he was ever released as human only. I've been keeping the outfit and have it collecting dust for years lmao, so I'm giving it to Ota... for now.

Ota's Modern Style

Ota's Traditional Style

His name "Ota" in Kanji is「桜汰」which contains the word for cherry blossom, so I think this is a rather fitting outfit for him! ❀(´ ω `)❀

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