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I was looking around for a body to get for Mu Myeong, my DF-A Bach practice head, when I chanced upon two Mystic Kids newly released bodies for their 45cm range, a one-piece and a three-piece torso body. I know the three-piece torso would be better at posing, but I really like the aesthetics on the one-piece body. There was a promotion at that time and it was more worth it to get a full doll than just the body. I always try to avoid getting sculpts that look too similar but I ended up going for Mystic Kids Francis SP even though he reminds me of Daniel, my DOD Homme Ivan. All because I'm a sucker for foxes, smiling sculpts, and Chinese/Japanese/Korean outfits LOL! At least whether or not the body fit Mu Myeong I'd still have a doll (or head) that I adore. (≧▽≦)و♡

Anyhow, after deciding on a Mystic Kids boy and a Doll Legend boy since I really like their 45cm bodies, the boys were ordered on Jan 29 via CC Dollhouse, an official Chinese dealer (thanks massive sale for the money drain LMAO). However, my Mystic Kids boy arrived first on Mar 30.

Here's a quick box opening with Mu Myeong who's anxious to see if the body fits him. 

He has magnets at the top of his head for his fox ears! (≧▽≦)

And now, to try on Mu Myeong on the body...

The body (I ordered it in Normal Pink) is just as lovely as I expected, unfortunately, Mu Myeong's head is too big for it LMAO. The size differences between DF-A and MK 45cm mini are really stark, as you can see from the picture. (DF-A on the left, on the body, MK on the right). So it seems like Mu Myeong will have to continue to float around for now until my Doll Legend boy comes in.

Here's my foxy Mystic Kids boy with his default outfit! 

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