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As much as I love the Patrick sculpt (I'm so bowled over by his official photos), I can't seem to do any justice to him with my crappy faceup skills and I hardly play with him either. To be honest, I'm a a little reluctant to part with him since he has been with me for so long but I figure he might as well find a better home with an owner who will give him the love and attention he deserved. 

He's a 2010 head so there's some yellowing. You can see the comparison with the headcap in the photos below. He has undergone a couple of faceups before but I've cleaned him up as best as I could. However, I've noticed that he has a small dark "mark" on one of the lower eye area. I can't tell if it's a stain mark or a small chip because it's so small, but I believe it can be covered up with faceup; that's what I did anyway! (^^;)

Company: Leeke World
Head: Patrick (LE)
Skin tone: Normal Skin
Year: 2010 
Comes with: Leeke World certificate (no box)
Defects: a small "mark" on one of the lower eye (not sure if a stain mark or small chip) but should be able to cover up with faceup (see last photo) 
Yellowing: some yellowing when compared with the headcap 

If anyone would like to give this guy a new home, please contact me here or on DOA (id: Galileo). [DOA SALES THREAD] ($85+ shipping; price negotiable) Thank you! ♥

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