Posted Sunday, March 19, 2017 // 17:50

Hi all, I'm selling my Little Monica Honey Harmony Girl body (1/6 size, Normal Skin). I initially got it for my AE girl back in 2015 but the neck was too big for her. So I'm thinking of selling it to raise funds for my Zak aka FFZ【Fundraising For Zak】LOL. 

This body was obtained in a split with a friend and I do not have the certificate since it went to my friend who kept the head. However, this body will come in the Little Monica box with pillows. 

The body is still is mint condition. I do not have basis for comparison when it comes to yellowing but since my girl is usually kept in a cabinet in my room I believe yellowing would be minimal. 

Note that there are seams, which are normal for most companies' dolls. Please refer to photos below. The photos are taken in natural sunlight. 

Company: Little Monica
Body: Honey Harmony GIRL Body
Skin tone: Normal Skin
Year: 2015 
Comes with: box with pillows, no certificate
Defects: none as of last check on 19 March 2017
Yellowing: unknown but should be minimal
Seams: yes on legs, arms and torso

Feel free to contact me here or on DOA (id: Galileo) if you are interested! [DOA SALES THREAD] ($125 + shipping) Thank you! ♥





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