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Okay, first thing first, I have to confess that I've got a recent (maybe not that recent) thing going for Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho.

In a bout of insanity, after watching the Korean drama, Arang and the Magistrate, I randomly messaged Stacy's Pink Ocean to see if they could custom make an outfit for me based on the character, Jade Emperor, played by Yoo Seung Ho in the show. I wasn't really expecting anything (you know, just asking) but to my surprise, they were okay with doing it! I ended up custom making another 2 more outfits lmao: a modified hanbok worn by Yoo Seung Ho in the same drama, and another outfit worn by Yoo Seung Ho from the movie, Joseon Magician. Okay, I know I am obsessed with that guy lmao!

They delivered all three outfits wonderfully, which I think is an amazing feat because of the lack of clear, high quality, full-body reference pictures (all I had were mostly crappy half-body screenshots form the drama). I really love the outfits, especially the Jade Emperor's. I made some minor changes to them, like adding the jade piece, gat, fan and stuff since the outfits didn't come with accessories, but overall I am really thankful to them for being so patient with all my requests and for making my dream come true with such beautifully, professionally made outfits!!


|| Actual: #1#2 ||

This is the outfit that sparked my bout of insanity lolol. It's an near replica of the actual outfit (refer to actual #1 and #2) worn by the Jade Emperor in Arang and the Magistrate. I'm totally bowled over by the amazing skill of the seamstress who made this outfit! I'm still in the process of completing his look, like adding white strands of hair to his wig, finding a similar looking black and white jade piece, adding some embroidery on his shoes, and so on, but overall I'm really happy with how my king is turning out, although he's not so much the Jade Emperor than a Dragon King/Sea God!


|| Actual: #1 ||

This is the other outfit Yoo Seung Ho worn in the same drama (actual #1). I was a bit bummed that Stacy's Pink Ocean was not able to make the Gat for the Hanbok, but it was understandable because their specialization is in Chinese outfits. Fortunately, I managed to find the Gat on Dollmore to complete the look! This hanbok is actually specifically made for Yushu but J.D. is wearing it at the moment so it's a bit long for him since Yushu is taller. I think he is totally rocking the hanbok look though! ♥ I might just get one made for him LOL


|| Actual: #1#2 ||

Custom made this on a whim, I did. LOL! The amount of attire changes Yoo Seung Ho had in this 2 -hour movie was a hell lot more than his outfits in the drama Arang and the Magistrate and I had a headache deciding which to make, but I went with the default one (actual #1) and an inner attire that I spied on him somewhere in the movie (actual #2, and lmao at the quote lolol). It was difficult trying to find a similar fabric with the same pattern so I decide to just put my trust in Stacy's Pink Ocean to choose a pattern for me and I gotta say that I think the outfit worked out quite nicely! This outfit was custom made for my incoming Loongsoul boy but he isn't here yet so J is modeling it. I may be biased but I think J looks good in it! 

There are two other outfits I want to make too, but I'll probably hold back on that until I decide who to dress them up in LOL! And hopefully Stacy's Pink Ocean would still be open to custom making them for me after probably vomiting blood over the making of these outfits lolol. 

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