Posted Wednesday, March 01, 2017 // 12:40

The other time I got a DF-A Bach practice head, I love him so much that when I saw that the official dealer I bought from previously also had him in 1/3 size I had to get it too. The sculpt is actually listed as "Ludwig" but the dealer said Ludwig is like Bach in 1/3 size so... okay. I still like him and I guess that it helped that as a practice head, the price was really affordable! 

The dealer had him in stock so I received it really quickly. He arrived home on March 1, with Mu Myeong, the Bach head in 1/4 scale, welcoming him home! 

Sadly, the practice heads doesn't come with certificates although I'd love to have one for him and Mu Myeong. (; v ;) 

I don't know what to call him yet, seeing he's a practice head and I have yet to try a faceup on him. (Do people even give names or characters to their practice heads??) I was thinking he could be the older version of Mu Myeong, or I could make him Mu Myeong's older brother Mu Jeong (無情) which means heartless, so we'll have a "Nameless" and a "Heartless" LOL. I think we will just go with Mu Jeong for now. (And I'm changing the romanization of Moo Myung's name to Mu Myeong to keep it consistent, although he will still go by both).

I don't have matching wig and eyes so Mu Jeong and Mu Myeong will have different wig and eye color for now. And lmao I just realized that Mu Jeong looks a little like J, with his eyes opened. Maybe it's because of that lips! 

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