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I was supposed to get started on another project last weekend, but while I was taking instant photo of Junsu with some food, I noticed that, horror of horrors, his chest has a big brown stain on him!! At first I thought it was the food but it turned out to be the metallic buttons on his little froggy shirt, which has turned rusty! So I had to ditch the shirt and hastily make him an outfit so that he won't have to go naked. Anyway, the outfit I've been promising him is long overdue, so I guess this incident is just forcing me to stop procrastinating! ROFL! 

Then while I was making the outfit, he went and faceplant himself on the table and chipped his faceup.... so I ended up having to spend the next day redo-ing his faceup as well! OTL 

Here's his latest look! ♥

Junsu's New Faceup & Outfit!

I had another outfit design in mind for him but I was short on time so I just did something more simple. (And also partially because I had a last minute idea to make a "sailor" theme outfit for him LOL!) The hat isn't completed either; I just sort of haphazardly put everything together instead of sewing it properly, so I'll have to redo it again later. 

I'll also make him the other outfit I had in mind when I have more time to. But until then, I'll probably just procrastinate again ROFL. 

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