Posted Sunday, October 13, 2013 // 22:05

Just some long overdue spam of Daniel in his new hanbok and a new wig! In my older blog posts, I mentioned wanting all my mini dolls to wear traditional costumes and after some mulling, I decided to get Daniel to wear the hanbok instead of increasing my dolly limit for minis. His character is half Korean so I supposed he is (kinda) qualified to wear the hanbok (although his background is actually a tad complicated lol, but whatever!)

Daniel in Hanbok! ♥

Daniel in Hanbok! ♥

Daniel in Hanbok! ♥

Daniel in Hanbok! ♥
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One of his eyes might probably look a little weird but it's actually a steampunk eye! XD (Yes, yes, complicated background and all that LOL!)

P/s: I'm in the midst of changing image host so there will be some broken images on the older posts! Please bear with me for now while I (slooooowly) update the links! 

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