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Masaru ♥

Masaru & Il Woo
With little Il woo!
Reminds me of those daddy-son shots hahaha!

Masaru & Il Woo
Il Woo telling Masaru a secret...
or maybe he's just bad-mouthing Sihoo LOL!

​​​​✿ A Little Update!​​​​

It's the end of September already and October is rolling around soon and just around the corner is November & December (obviously), which is usually a really bad time for me because that's when Winter events start popping up like no tomorrow. Oh horrors! ​​​ૅ.ે So it's time to start saving and building up the dolly fund in preparation for the onslaught! I thought it'd also be a good time to update my "acquisition list", which is basically the top priority dolls in my wishlist that I'd love to bring home, just in case there is an event for them or even if just to "rein" me in should I get tempted by new dolls and get side-tracked left, right and center again during winter events! 

Acquisition (Priority) List:
• Soom Smokey (SO Human) - possibly replace with Soom Hansel
• Soom Cheshire Cat or Grey (SO Human)
• Rosen Lied MC Mango

Project (No-Hurry WIP) List:
• Body for Switch Huisa Head?
• Body for Rain

(Technically Impossible) Grail Dolls: 
• Volks Sakamoto Ryoma
• Volks YoTenshi Yayoi

I have a few more characters (like Junsu's twin) that still have not been dollified, and there are also quite a number of other dolls I like, but I supposed I'm adopting a wait-and-see kind of attitude for these dolls since it is just not possible to bring everyone home. So under the general wishlist they go until they are "promoted" to the acquisition list LOL!! 

• Switch Hahwa Head (if re-released) *
• Lati Yellow Momo/Sophie (KIV until a decision is made LOL) *
• Rosenlied TC Clover/Cosette/Chocolat (awaiting basic version) *
• Fairyland LTF Bisou/PKF Bonnie
• Crobidoll Ara
• Iplehouse Daniel
• AlchemicLab Unoa L-Bi
• DIM Ace

Hopefully I don't come across any new dolls to add to the acquisition list! I'm highly doubtful but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a safe 2013 winter rofl! ​​​​( ̄​​​​​​​◇ ̄; ​​) ​ 

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Blogger Jiyool said...

Awww, Il Woo, let me hug you T3T
I can sooo totally feel your problem. I need to stay away from crobi, because I really really want their girl Heena.;___;
But I just bought a yo-sd and a body for one of my sds and and it will cost me a fortune to send my boys to face up. I think Im going to cry in a corner after thinking about it.
Oh and I want to go to the Infinite concert in december.
Why is everything so expensive???

Sunday, September 29, 2013 6:55:00 pm  
Blogger Galileo said...

Hahaha yeah! Crobi is dangerous too! Their boys are so handsome, their tinies are so adorable and their packaging are just too cute!

I know your pain about faceup though! My Chiron still doesn't have a proper faceup lol! Good luck to you with your SD's body, faceups and the concert! I hope you'll get to go to the concert! >w<

Monday, September 30, 2013 9:16:00 am  

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