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L: A box with my name on it?
Junsu: I wonder if it might be my twin...?

It's actually a box of Korean snacks and confectionery!! LOL!!
(Okay, maybe I'm too bored lolol)

Junsu: Oh my god sun food!

Can't resist posting a close up of Junsu's surprised look! 
Awww Junsu why you so cute?? *squeals*pinches cheek*punches*

It's Junsu's idea of a snack heaven lmao!

The Review:

I came across this local store, Happy Haeyo, that sells Korean products and was tempted by the vast selection of snacks and confectionery they have. Being such a glutton and a sucker for Korean and Japanese snacks, I just had to get some especially when they also offered home delivery within Singapore. 

It took them only one day to ship the items to me, which was a plus in my book. However, I was shocked to notice that a few of the snacks were fast approaching the expiry dates. Two were due to expire before end of the year and one was even due to expire in less than a month! Frankly though, I kind of expected them to last a tad longer, at least with an expiry date in 2014. I didn't intend to binge on them and finish them all that fast when I bought them (that, and I like to hoard my snacks lmao), so I was a little miffed with all the expiring foodstuff they sent me. ​(ヽ `д´)┌┛ ​​★)`з゜)/​​/ ​ 

In all honesty, I think it's just better to go down to their physical store in Singapore, since
(1) you get to check the expiry dates before buying,
(2) they sometimes sell the snacks in individual packaging so you can buy one or two pieces to try instead of buying the entire box (unless you're a sucker for pretty packaging like I am LOL!), and
(3) some of the soon-to-expire snacks are actually selling slightly cheaper than their online price. 

Other than the issue with the expiring products, I just love the snacks! I tried the meringue cake first since it's the one that's due to expire in November. ​​(¬_¬) 

​✿ Orion Bubble Bun Meringue Cake ​✿
This packaging is among one of my favorites! 
Just too pretty! ♥

As usual, Junsu can't resist!

​✿ Market O Classic Mini Real Chocolate ​✿
Another one with pretty packaging!

...claimed by L, rofl!

I haven't tried some of the others yet and I'm probably going to take my own sweet time trying them out. There are actually still a few stuff from Happy Haeyo that I wanted which were sold out. But I'll prolly just wait to clear the current batch of snacks first (and wait for a restock with newer products) before I hit their store again.

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Blogger Tjassi said...

Aaah, Junsu is so adorable! I could just hug him. <3

I tried ordering some Japanese candy online with a friend a few years back, but I think we were really unlucky since most of the things didn't taste very good. D: But the things you've ordered looks really delicious.

Saturday, October 26, 2013 1:35:00 am  
Blogger Galileo said...

Haha thank you! Junsu is secretly happy you think he's cute!

I think the thing with snacks bought online is that they can be a hit or miss, but I'm really a sucker for pretty packaging especially Japanese and Korean ones! At least if the snacks aren't my taste I'll just give them to my family and friends LOL!! XD

Monday, October 28, 2013 10:07:00 am  

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