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Okay, I don't know whether to squeal or rant in this post lmao. First of all, Soom released their new September MD, Hansel and Gretel, a few days back. At the very first glance, my first thought was, wow, a Smokey lookalike! I really love Smokey but had to skip him when he was first released in October 2011 (and subsequently re-released in August 2013 Post MD event) because he was only released with the donkey centaur body and I didn't need a fantasy doll since my crew are all human. I have been waiting for a SO human version of him since then and he has always been on the top of my "priority" list, even though I highly doubt he would be released in SO.

When I saw Hansel, I immediately wonder if this boy would be coming come in place of Smokey. And then I saw the surprise head. LOL!! I thought it was really weird, but someone pointed out it might look cute if a lollipop stick was placed on the mouth to make it seems like he was sucking on a lollipop (which I admit was kind of a pretty creative idea). Otherwise, I wasn't keen on the head at all and was relieved if it meant I could pass Hansel up. I even "ranted" on the Soom thread on DOA about how he would have came home already if Soom would just sell them as a basic set and offered the rest as optional add-on, a suggestion which I have feedback-ed to them several times in the past, including the time when they had a survey (okay, so maybe I spammed them).

Imagine my surprise when I first saw the announcement today on instagram that Hansel and Gretel's fantasy parts can now be purchased as an option, and they are also available in normal skin (yay!!) and cream white skin!!

Comparison between Hansel and Smokey

I think Hansel and Smokey could pass off as twins though the different faceups may have caused Hansel's eyes to look a little bigger and lips a little smaller. Based on company's photos, I still prefer Smokey's overall look but I don't think Soom would accept doing custom faceup to make Hansel look more like Smokey. T_T

Now I am just waiting for Soom to reply a few questions and then I'll decide if Hansel will or will not be coming home. If they had done this earlier and allow us to buy the dolls as basic and added the rest of the fantasy parts as optional add-on, I would probably have gotten Cheshire cat and Grey as well already... but oh well,  let's not tempt fate Soom LOL.




Blogger Tjassi said...

Wow, I didn't notice how much they look alike! Both of them are so adorable. Good luck with your decision. :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013 1:16:00 am  
Blogger Galileo said...

Haha yeah! At first I was wondering if they just reused Smokey's sculpt, though the faceup is different lol!

Monday, September 23, 2013 9:52:00 am  

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