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Warning: Super Long Post + Photo Spam! LOL

It's one of those times of the year where a festival, other than Lunar New Year and Christmas, that is hell bent on expanding your waistline comes around... Say hello to the Mid Autumn festival, which is also known as the Mooncake Festival (because of the popular tradition of eating mooncakes) or the Lantern Festival. 

This year, there was a small mooncake fair at the local mall and I thought I could just check it out and  perhaps buy just one or two mooncakes to indulge myself. Oh, bad, bad mistake! There were so many mooncake variety with various crusts and fillings and they came in all kinds of pretty packaging that I just didn't know what to choose! 

I ended up with a hoard of mooncakes to try. ​​​(​​ ̄​▵​​ ̄​)

First up!

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Junsu approves of the mooncakes and packaging!
He'll be helping to introduce them! >w< 

The Baker's Cottage from Malaysia has one of the most pretty packaging at the fair. I just couldn't resist! (I'm such a sucker for pretty packagings!) In additional to the traditional mooncakes with lotus and salted egg fillings, they also had a variety of modern flavors to choose from, like Green Tea and even a Japanese Manju baked-skin mooncake! So I got those and then some for my parents. 

Before we continue, may I interrupt with a short "commercial" of more photo spam of Junsu with the packaging hahaha!

Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival!
​« Commercial end​​ »​

Okay, back to blogging LOL!

My mum is especially fond of the traditional-style mooncakes with traditional crust and fillings. I don't mind traditional ones but I am actually more keen in trying out new flavors. I mean, considering how much of a calories bomb these mooncakes are, I might as well make the calories count right? LOL! The one mooncake with traditional crust that I like actually has a contemporary twist on the fillings.

Walnut Tiramisu Mooncake from Delifrance

It's sweet and gives off a really fragrant smell! ♥ Unfortunately, the entire Tiramisu mooncake is just a little less than 800 calories... which is just about the average range of most standard mooncakes. Then again mooncakes are meant for cutting into smaller wedges and sharing with families and friends as part of the festive celebration. So basically, the purpose of celebrating together is to get fat together. ​¬_¬

Another variant is the mascot mooncakes which are actually made with the same dough used for the crust of traditional mooncakes, but comes in animals and cartoon character shapes.

They are pretty popular with young children, as Junsu can probably tesify:

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Hello Junsu, we are not done taking photos! 

And they also come in little baskets, like Junsu maybe? LOL.  

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Junsu in a basket! 

My favorite kind of mooncakes are the snowskin mooncakes, which usually come in smaller size and has a texture that is a little like the Japanese mochi.

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Colorful snowskin mooncakes!

Snowskin mooncakes also comes in a smashing variety of flavors like chocolate, red bean, custard, pistachio, rose lychee, honeydew, oreo (!) and so on. Best of all, they are served chilled, which makes them a great treat! I've tried a few this year from Mugiya, Dora Keiki, and Polar Puff, and so far I like the red bean, custard and tiramisu ones. One of my mooncake regrets this year though, is that I didn't get to try the Oreo Chocolate flavor from Prima Deli. Oh well... ​ಥ_ಥ​

And just when I thought snowskin mooncakes are the smallest there are out there, a local company, Bee Cheng Hiang, has to go and prove me wrong by coming out with these Chess Mooncakes, which are actually just mini version of the traditional mooncakes, but in the shape of Chinese chess pieces which I thought was really creative! They are really tiny and bite sized, and if I may add, just perfect for BJDs, especially for the bigger dolls LOL!

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Junsu is starting to look bored! 
Junsu: "coz!! it's all see and no eat!"
Awwww... poor Junsu, just a little longer!

There are really a number of mooncakes that are just too creative in both design and taste. I counted ice cream mooncakes (Swensen's), jelly mooncakes (Crystal Jade), mooncake pancakes (Mr. Bean) among some of the few contemporary mooncakes I saw this year. Sadly, there are just way too many selection for me to try them all. I think next year I'll just NOT look at any more mooncakes and just get the ice cream mooncakes from Swensen's to try. ​​≧​​​​≦

So while we are still at it, the little ones at Café Galileo wishes everyone a.....

Calories be damned!

Mid-Autumn Festival!
Attacking the Chess mooncakes...
Junsu just can't wait anymore! >​▽<
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