Posted Thursday, July 21, 2011 // 15:28

I suddenly got a really crazy idea... create a chibi Death Note cast with L, Light, Near and Birthday Beyond (although I don't know if BB is an officially recognized DN character or just a spinoff character from the novel (*confused*), but still....)! ♥

That way, I'll have two good and two evil on each side. I think I will die of the cute with four of them tinies in my house!

I am too obsessed with L, I think, even if it has been years since I last read DN. LOL (and OTL).

Sadly, that means "butchering" more of my current (and planned) characters if I am to keep to my seven-tinies limit. And, I don't know where to get Light's outfit *urgh*.


omg why am I already starting planning when I haven't even confirmed it??

Edited: Thanks to dear lovely Kiro, who told me that Obata did recognize Beyond Birthday as a DN character in How to Read 13! Woots! ♥

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