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One thing I've learned in this hobby is that dolly plans always tend to be shot to hell one way or another. When I first started the hobby, I always said and thought that I'd never sell any of my boys. So I never expected that the day would soon come where I would seriously consider rehoming one (or possibly two) of my boys.

The boy I am rehoming first is my lovely little Tohma, of the Angell Studio Yuma sculpt. He is an adorable little boy. Unfortunately, despite a name change and several outfits/wig changes, I still can't make him fit into the character I have in mind for him. So I hope he will find and fit into a better home with an owner who will love and dote on him more than I did and ever could. T_T

I don't know if someone will eventually bring him home, since I don't think he's a popular sculpt, but I'll just put him up for adoption and see how it goes. Although not my first doll, he was my first tiny, so it's also with some sadness that I'd have to see him go.

Here are some details about Yuma. I'll be posting him up on DOA soon.

☆ Angell Studio Yuma ☆

Yuma-milk(Official Collocation-Normal Body)

Gender: male 
Skin Tone: transparent milk 
Size: 1/6 or 26cm or tiny doll
I am the first owner of this doll. 
He was made in Jul/Aug 2010.

Other facts:
He has elf ears. 
He is single-jointed. 
He has no seams (company sanded).
He is made of french resin (see below).

Note: Angell Studio dolls are made of French Resin, I have asked them about this previously as I was concerned about yellowing of french resin and they told me that their resin is specially formulated with "a special mixture" so that their dolls comes with "anti-ageing and anti-yellowing ability". So far he has yellowed a little when compared to the headcap but yellowing is even.

Some imperfections:

1) He has some even yellowing (compared to headcap)
      Please note color might differ due to monitor setting.

2) He has some faceup marks in the eyes

He comes with:
 Naked doll
❥ Doll Box
 Pillow carry-case
 Silicone rings between certain joints 
 Additional pair of hands

He does not comes with eyes, wig, outfit or faceup. I bought him naked.
However, if you want, I can do a simple, natural faceup for you for free. 
But please do bear in mind that I am not a professional in doing faceups.

Other photos of him


Price: USD $158.00 (Neg.) + shipping
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