Posted Sunday, June 05, 2011 // 16:27

Ever since I bought Manabu back home, I started planning for Masaru, his little brother. I knew I wanted him to be a Rosen Lied, because Rosen Lied dolls were among some of the first beautiful BJDs I saw (online) even before I started my search for my first boy.

Finding a suitable sculpt from a limited pool of Rosen Lied dolls wasn't hard. What was hard was that there were two sculpts with potential, which lead to the question: which one to choose - Poppy or Sage?

At first, I was biased towards Poppy. He has that dreamy, dazed look and air about him in those official photos which is very much like Masaru would be. But after looking closer, Sage's facial features is very close to those I had in mind based on a certain *ahem* character from a TV drama, although he didn't exactly has that dreamy aura like Poppy does. And Sage has more resemblance to Manabu than Poppy does. Oh, dilemma.

Eventually, after DAYS of consideration, I went with Sage~ and now the waiting game starts! ♥





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