Posted Sunday, April 10, 2011 // 15:58

Damn, I'm starting to hate tinies.
They are so cute you can't resist them
and the next thing you know,
they bring themselves home
and you're a goner.

Anyway, I have been complementing getting Ayumu for some time while he was still available. But then I kept adding him to cart and hesitating for a few days without really checking out. So one night I got a really weird dream in which he was sold out. So the next morning, I went to check him out, saw that he was low in stock and bought him right away. By noon, he was sold out and I was like lolwtf? -.-

Volks sent him the next day and so here he is.

The welcoming committee
Tohma: in sheep outfit
Hyun: in Korean Hanbok
Tetsuya: with earmuff

Because he came earlier than I expected, he'll be on his default look
until I get him his wig and fix him up with a proper name. XD

Ayumu signing off. Thank you for viewing ♥

P/S: Has since been renamed from Manabu (Jr.) to Yuya.

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