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Welcome to TiRAMiSU collection of BJD outfits
for tinies, 1/6-size dolls and yoSDs!

All outfits are made by me on a sewing machine although details may be hand-sewn. Please note that I am not a professional. But even though the sewing may not be perfect, I hope your little ones will enjoy wearing the outfits as much as I enjoyed making them~

All outfits have been tried on the following dolls:
* Luts Honey Delf
* Leeke D-Type (2nd type body)
* Volks Yo-SD* Soom Teenie Gem
* Rosen Lied Tuesday Child
so they will fit other dolls with similar chest (13cm), waist and hip measurements.

Outfit care:
* Please do not use washing machine
* Please handle with care; do not pull or tug roughly


* For some dresses, the back seam may be slightly off from the center.
* Please handle outfit with care; do not machine wash or pull outfit roughly.
* Color of actual dress may slightly differs from image due to monitor setting.


Location: Singapore
Payment: Paypal - no fees
Ship by: International Registered Airmail
* International shipping costs appx. $3.50 for 1-3 outfit(s).
* For bulkier items like wigs and shoes, please pm me directly.
* Delivery takes appx. 14-21 working days for international deliveries.
* All items will be mailed within 5-7 days upon receipt of payment.
* Tracking is available for certain countries including USA.
I do not smoke
I do not have cats or dogs.


* Feedback are always much appreciated!
* PM me if you see anything you like, or if you have a question!

Thank you!





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