Posted Thursday, May 18, 2017 // 15:22

I was just replying a thread on DOA about the topic "If Your Dolls Came To Life" and OMG it totally reminded me of the game Nameless. I totally love that game! (≧▽≦ ). 

Though if ALL of my dolls come alive they could probably be starred in a game called Homeless because I'd have no space at home for all of them lmao! but I think it'd be awesome if the bigger boys (60cm+) were alive though! Imagine a whole bunch of handsome guys in your life and maybe one might even call you "Master" like Yeonho in Nameless did LOL! :D *brings out the whip* (JK)

I'd totally love to know what they say to me though I can already imagine how they would behave around me. I posted this on DOA too but I'll repost it here because it's really fun LOL! I think I'll expand on it more when I have the time! (●´艸`●)フフフ  
  • J will just laze around all day (like my cat) listening to music and generally being in his own world.
  • L will ensure that my house will forever be lacking in money trying to feed his sugar addiction.
  • Masaru will hog the piano everyday playing and composing music and then forgetting everything.
  • Manabu will probably be the most "normal" one (like going out to work and all), although he's also the most likely to blow up my house with his scientific experiments.
  • J.D. will most likely be a silent enigmatic presence, always staying close, never straying far.
  • Hwan Xi will probably be the maknae who always liven up the atmosphere.
  • Yushu will just take charge and boss everyone around LOL

..... I just realized I'm lacking a boy who will call me "Master" LOL ψ(`∇´)ψ

(Is that a sign for me to get Loong Soul Lie Er?)





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