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This dude is the one responsible for getting me out of my dolly hiatus and continuing my descent down into dolly madness hell. LOL. I swear I was only just looking for some dolly outfits on Taobao for one of my boys's character makeover when I came across Loong Soul Ghost Lin on Loong Soul's official Taobao store and it was love at first sight. [Recap on the fateful encounter]. ( ๑´艸`๑)

Anyway, I took the plunge on November 11, 2016 and got him with the default wig, outfit set, shoes, faceup, body blushing and little Xiuxiu Type B (which was added on later). He arrived home on March 15, 2017 after some drama with shipping and DHL. But I'll keep this post free from ranting. 

So moving on to the box opening. It took me a while to edit his box opening-cum-photostory photos because his mistress is such a lazy nubcake LOL. But here it goes, with a guest appearance by a very handsome guy LOL (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧

Warning: Loong post ahead (lame pun intended)

* (His wig, to be honest, was a disappointment because it was poofy at one side)

I love the youthful innocence vibe he gives out! ♥

No cat in the box, but here's a....

His name is Hwan Xi. It's a combination of the name "Hwan Hee" from Yoo Seung Ho's character in the Korean movie "The Joseon Magician" and its Chinese equivalent "Huan Xi'. 

The outfit he's currently wearing is a custom-made outfit by Stacy's Pink Ocean based one of Seung Ho's character outfit in "The Joseon Magician" [recap post]. I'm planning to make another of his outfit from the same movie and I already bought the fabric and all but as you know, his mistress is lazy so it'd probably be some time before I get around to making his outfit since I still have several sets of outfits more to make for the other boys.... His hairstyle is also not complete as I'm still waiting on some hair extensions to add on to it. Dude actually has heterochromia - one grayish black eye and one blue eye, which he usually hides with his bangs. Hopefully, I'll finish him soon... someday! 

What happened when Xiuxiu made an appearance during the "filming" of the box opening!

The boys are straight, but I think some of the poses are yaoi-worthy LOL!

What has been seen cannot be unseen.
#sorrynotsorry LOL!

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Hwan Xi
Yushu ■ 

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