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Okay, so here's part 2, the remaining photos from our trip to Universal Studios Singapore in December 2014. The photos from Part 1 are from the Hollywood and New York strips, which are Galileo's favorites. My favorite is Far Far Away, which is a pretty place filled with pretty buildings and yummy food, like a fairy tale~!  (≧ー≦)b​ ​

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Far Far Away.. Wonder if there is a pretty princess in that castle?
Pity about the overcast sky... coz it was raining.( ̄^ ̄)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
There are performances all around USS, one of it at this quaint Milk Bar.

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Look who has made an appearance at the Milk Bar!

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Galileo's Orange Magic Potion! 
It's really magical, how it made Galileo's wallet lighter. ∑(° Д °) 

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Me at Sci-Fi city~

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Me at Madagascar!
Couldn't find any penguins... ​​( ̄^ ̄)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Me at Lost World!

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
A water ride at Lost World... but where are the dinos?!

And me at Ancient Egypt... sorry, the photo was too blur to post. (ಥ_ಥ)

We stayed until night time, but night time was mostly spent for shopping. Us being us, Galileo and I just had to check out the two candy stores at Sentosa outside Universal Studios!

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Hershey's Chocolate World! If there's a heaven, this is it!! (⊙Д☉)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Candylicious! Look at that tree! I wonder if I can eat it! (♥♥)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)
Look at all the goodies inside! ( ´ ​​▽ ` ) ​​
Galileo said something about damning the diet...
and bought some more chocolate and more ice-cream.

Our total eating count at USS today: 
  • [Mel Drive-in] Half a chicken burger (shared with someone) + fries + onion rings
  • [Mel Drive-in] A whole piece of New York Cheesecake
  • [Mel Drive-in] A small bottle of orange juice
  • [Gingy's House of Sweets] A big bottle of orange "magic potion"
  • [Churro] Two sticks of Churros
  • [Me Want Cookie] Definitely some cookies...
  • [Me Want Cookie] A cone of chocolate soft serve ice cream
  • [Candylicious] A chocolate gelato ice-cream-ball-on-a-stick
  • [Candylicious] Two pieces of pistachio chocolate truffles (we bought a box)
Whoa! Not that I mind though! No one can see my pot belly in this snowman suit anyway! But I think Galileo is too depressed right now to keep track anymore hehehe! ​(​​◐​​ω◐) 

So that's about it for our USS trip in Singapore! I wish Galileo would bring me out more often, especially to places with plenty of goodies to eat! Yum yum! b( ̄▽ ̄)d

There are still more photos for our other overseas trip~ but I think it'll have to wait a bit until Galileo gets off her lazy butt to sort the photos out! So... until then, stay tuned? (>​​ ω <)

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Blogger ~ Vienni said...

Next time I go to SG, I will kidnap you to USS for sure~ Don't you dare to runaway from meee~ *let's set Hizaki & Tetsuya on a date* ;D

Saturday, January 17, 2015 8:10:00 pm  
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