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Hello everyone! It's me Junsu~! ♥

Galileo was on a vacation + staycation in December last year, and she never ever brought us out for photo-taking, so I was super happy when she decided to bring me along on her trips! I think she actually wanted to bring J or Masaru but I think I won because I am waaaay cuter. (​ ̄▿​ ̄​)

First we went overseas to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, and then we had a short staycation in Singapore. I am posting up our photos for the staycation first as there are fewer photos to sort through... and you know how Galileo can be soooooo lazy... (​​ ̄^ ̄)ゞ

One of our stops was Universal Studios Singapore. It's the second time Galileo has been there but my first time. Since it was the Christmas season, she also dressed me up in this fluffy snowman costume she bought earlier from somewhere. I know it's cute... but geez, try wearing it for the whole day in tropical Singapore!! ( ̄​​​​​​◇ ̄;​)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Complaints aside, here we go!

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Sesame Street on the New York Strip! ♥

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Our first food stop! (>w<)
Because Galileo is crazy for Churros....

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
But I love this food stand the best! 
Me want cookiessssss!! (​​≧▽≦)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Sorry, I ate the cookies before Galileo had the chance to take photos,
but here is a photo of her chocolate ice cream hehe~

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Look who's here!!
I wanna take photo with this pretty legend, but I'm so shy! (≧Д≦)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Galileo wanted me to take photo with this dude too... 
but I'm afraid I'll get lost in his beard. ​​( ̄^ ̄)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
Tired of walking... or being carried actually hehe. 
I sooo wanna ride it but where is the driver?! ( ̄Д ̄)

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
A really cute souvenir stand selling Sesame Street stuff!

Universal Studios Singapore (Part 1)
All these plush toys, but I'm still the cutest! (​ ̄▿​ ̄​)ノ
(Cookie Monster behind Junsu: You think?)

So! That's all for part 1! To be continued in part 2, as soon as lazy Galileo sorts out the remaining photo! And then there's our Malaysia trip photos too! ​(​Ⓘ​​ωⒾ))ノ

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Blogger ~ Vienni said...

JUNSU cutie !! *huggles*
Yes.. yes, you're the cutest of them all !

Saturday, January 17, 2015 8:09:00 pm  

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