Posted Monday, September 08, 2014 // 21:03

I am glad to report that as opposed to last year, I managed to control my urge to binge on those  darn  mooncakes this year, which are super duper mega calorie-bombs. But hey it doesn't hurt to look and drool at all those pretty mooncakes and their equally pretty packaging, so while browsing at a Mooncake fair at a local mall, I came across this Aya Usagi Manju from Nipponya, which specialize in Japanese sweets and gifts. I guess they are not technically mooncakes, but these little bunnies are soooo adorable that I just had to get them! o(>w<)o

They are definitely better than mooncakes calories-wise, since they are so small in size!

Happy Mid Autumn 2014

And they are soooo cute that Junsu just had to have one all on his own! ∑(° Д °) ​​ I wonder if he can finish it all? LOL

Happy Mid Autumn / Mooncake Festival everyone! 

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