Posted Sunday, May 04, 2014 // 19:31

So I got another wig for my Pukipuki Darjeeling... unlike the rest I got previously, this wig is only just a little loose on her head even with a wigcap, but somehow, I don't think this is the wig for her. For some reason, the name "Madeleine" popped into my mind when I saw her in this wig (or maybe I am just hungry)... Anyway, she'll be in this wig until I find that perfect wig for her. I guess I never give up LOL! 


I just realized this girl alone has more wigs than my other tinies! Yayoi is another one! I did a little wardrobe cleaning today for the tiny tinies' wigs and will be putting some of them up for sale on DOA, like this one which I initially got for Yayoi: 


I just wish it was easier finding wigs for the tiny dolls, especially pukipuki. Or maybe I'm just too picky about that perfect wig and style!

I'll be cleaning out more stuff for the tinies soon and will post them up gradually. Until then! >w<

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