Posted Sunday, April 20, 2014 // 18:50

First thing first,
​​✿ Happy Easter! ​​✿ 

I absolutely love McDonald's McMuffins, but English muffins are kind of hard to find and inconvenient to get around where I lived. So I went on a hunt for some recipes for English muffins and these two by Paul Hollywood and Joe Pastry seem pretty promising. I finally got the courage to give the recipe by Paul Hollywood a try this weekend! So here's Junsu with the results!

Junsu and the stack of English muffins!

nom nom nom nom

Ham and Cheese English Muffin and German Sausage
Should have add an egg to copy McDonald's McMuffin LOL!
Ohhhh~ nom nom nom

The recipe by Paul Hollywood is definitely a keeper for me. Though I will also try the other recipe the next time just for variety. Okay, enough about food for the weekend. LOL! 

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday! (>w<)/♥

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