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Warning: Rant Alert

<rant start>

I was planning to post some J's photos today, but I got sidetracked when I saw Soom's update on Instagram. Apparently, they just re-released Smokey as a SO doll today... Any other day, I would have been really thrilled, since Smokey is a "priority" doll on my wishlist. But I'm kind of miffed now actually because of many reasons but mostly because I was lead to believe that there would be no plans in the near future for a Smokey re-release, at least the last time I asked them during Hansel's ordering period. So I was really taken aback that they are re-releasing Smokey just not long after the arrivals of most, if not all, of Hansel orders. Or maybe I am the only moron who got him just because he looks so much like Smokey and I really want a Smokey so I got Hansel since there is was supposedly no plans to re-release Smokey. Yet. Geez, the "age-old" adage in the BJD world is right after all, you really can't just "settle" on a doll. 

Photo credit: Soom

The SO Smokey is released in both Open Eyes and Romantic Eyes version, and he is in NS skintone. He is technically just what I have always wanted - a human Smokey in NS. On closer look though, his face-up is different from the original onocentaur version which is the perfect look for Jeong Hoon. So, I can't really say the SO Smokey is exactly what I wanted; the perfect Smokey would be the one with the original onocentaur faceup on a NS human body. 


I'll think about bringing him home. Or not. 

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Blogger Alice said...

Wah...that sucks!! Maybe they knew Smokey was really popular, there's no way they'd not re-release him. I don't want to think that Soom did this on purpose to get more money from avid bjd fans... but any case, since you love Smokey so much and have loved him for such a long time, I personally wouldn't back out on this chance. I haven't seen Hansel but you can always sell him after you get Smokey? I guess a good thing about all this is that Soom dolls are really easy to sell on the second hand market... ^^" Good luck!!

Friday, March 07, 2014 3:16:00 am  
Blogger Galileo said...

Yeah, I'm still thinking if I should get Smokey, coz it's really gonna be a hassle to try and sell Hansel and somehow Hansel don't seem to be a popular sculpt. >.>

Sunday, March 09, 2014 2:23:00 pm  

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