Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014 // 21:43

I have been a little.... lazy on the DOA Marketplace so when I had a little bit of time today to check out the MP and give my sales threads a little "bump", I realized that my old  "Shoes For Sales" thread under the Tiny  > Clothing subsection was deleted. Apparently, there is a newly created subsection just for shoes under Marketplace! What the... when the heck did it happen?! I'm so outdated! LMAO! 

And get this, you have to create a new listing for each pair of shoes for sale, unlike the outfit/prop/eyes/wig subsections where you can list everything under a single thread. I supposed it is easier to search for shoes with this format and it also makes cleaning up a little easier, but imagine if you have a number of shoes to sell, then you'd have to keep track and maintain each listing individually. I am seriously wondering if they will switch to this format for the other outfit/prop/eyes/wig subsections too... I'd probably go nuts spamming "bump" on each thread LMAO! 

Ah well, pros and cons. Anyway, I'm in the process of recreating new sales threads for the shoes I have for sale. And I'm doing a little revamp for all my other sales threads in the process. I'll update the outfits, props, eyes and wig threads again later, but for now, here are the listings for the shoes up for sale (partly for shameless advertising but mostly for my reference to keep track of all of them lolol)!  

【Waltz'in】Shoes, Boots and Sandals! ♥
* List is not exhaustive and may be subjected to frequent updates and spamming lmao *

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