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This little guy has been on my "acquisition list" like forever, but he kept getting pushed back since he is non-limited and also because I kept getting side-tracked by newer dolls LOL! Anyway, I managed to order Woosoo on Aug 17 during one of Fairyland's event. It took FL quite a while but he eventually shipped on Nov 12 and finally arrived home on Nov 14. ♥\(>w<)/♥

Without much fuss, on to the box opening!! ​→​→​→​

The box!


I think FL boxes are among one of the classiest!

With black velvet cover inside!

LittleFee Event Faceplate

And finally, the guy!!! Woots~ ♥♥♥

The Beautiful Line body...

... which has a really cute butt! ROFL!

Woosoo with FL's random eyes~

I think the Beautiful Line body is really ...beautiful! I love the sculpting details and the slightly toothy feel of the resin, which also feels weighty. Plus, he pose really well too despite the lack of chest joint!

I've mentioned earlier in the blog that my mini-sized guys will be donning traditional garbs. The plan was for Daniel to be wearing the Hanbok since his character is half Korean, while two others, both buddies, will be wearing Japanese costumes. However, the Japanese side ("Team Japan" as I call them; luckily not another "Double Trouble" team LOL!) is far from completed as I am still hunting for the perfect sculpt for his buddy (blame it on Soom for not releasing their MDs with a human-only option). 

That, and I still need to work on Woosoo's faceup and "hairstyle".

But, one thing at a time! ♥ 

This guy will be called Takeruafter Sato Takeru ROFL! ​( ´▽` )ノ​​♥​​

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