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So I finally gave up and got a basic fur wig for Milk and styled it myself instead. Seriously, I just wish there are more fiber (heat resistant) wigs around for pukipuki that can actually fit them! The wigs are either too big and loose and keep slipping off even if you use a wig cap, or the hairstyle is just so.... poofy and mis-matched that it would be so darn comical if you weren't so exasperated! 

So I just got a simple fur wig, cut it some little bangs, tied it up, plop it on her and ta-dah! The result:   

 New Wig? 

I'm glad the size and fit is just right (with the help of a wig cap of course). I'll probably stick to fur wigs for her until someone/some company comes along and make awesome fiber wigs for pukipukis! But until then, I'll be sticking with M7 on Taobao for pukipuki (1/12) size fur wigs. It helps that the seller actually shows the different ways you can style the same fur wig for pukipuki! I find it very useful and some hairstyles are quite creative! I might be getting another wig to style it with little pigtails for her LOL! But... probably in my next batch which will not be any time soon.

New Wig?

On another note, she now has a "proper" name in addition to her nickname/alias "Milk". Her name is Minazuki Miyu (水無月 ミユ). Despite my habit of naming dolls after real people, she isn't named after anyone. I just liked the name Minazuki and I thought Miyu sounds a little like Milk too hahaha! >w<

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