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Warning: Looong Rant? LOL!

Luts had a 30% off wig and 20% off outfits, eyes and shoes sales for May 2012 so I had to *ahem* grab some wigs that I've always liked for the boys! I ordered on the first day of the sale but Luts only sent it to me yesterday because they had to make the hanbok. It was the fastest EMS shipping I ever encountered because I received the parcel today! 

The haul!
Not much pictures and crappy pics too, as it was late. :(

There were some wigs, outfits and matching white and pink chicky panties for the little ones! I had this grand dolly plan for the tinies to wear matching chicky panties (three white and three pink) which I imagined would be just too cute! BUT, JUST BUT, I ordered the wrong size for the white ones! How could I have made such a stupid mistake and not know until I got them?! So now my dolly plans are shot to hell because I don't have enough undies for the tinies and the only ones available are PINK. So yeah, all of you three who are going to wear them, congratulations! 

And, despite promising myself not to get any more mini size outfit, I just had to go and get that Hanbok (because of a dolly plan involving my minis to wear traditional costumes like Hanbok and Kariginu), which I now sort of regret. I got purple because the colors look good on the website. But in actuality, they are actually sort of ... dull. The purple and blue are not so distinguishable compared to their official photos.

I feel a little disappointed considering the price; might as well get the orange for the contrast, and it's more colorful too. =_= Worse is that I've got red shoes from a China seller (which have not arrive) to match the hanbok based on the company's photos. The only purple available was too light and I thought red would match the red on the sleeve so it wouldn't look too odd. Now I've got an outfit that looks solemn with bright red embroidered shoes. My boys are all fast turning into gaylords. I should probably change my DOA nickname to Gaylileo. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I haven't tried the other outfits yet but I'll update again! 

Now on to wigs~ Luts has always been one of my favorite companies to buy wigs from, other than Crobidoll. I bought some of their more recent ones and two older ones. The recent wigs are worth the price but I am ambivalent about the older ones. The quality of the recent styles are much better. One of the older wigs that I got for my Masaru (H.C Yurr head) was a 7-8 inch wig because the other SD wigs I had (8-9 and 9-10) were all too big for him. But he couldn't wear the 7-8 inch wig either because now it is too small. Wth?! Masaru! Exactly what size do you wear?! *faints*

My favorite wig of all! Modeled by J~♥ 

I call this the Jonghyun's wig LOL


Luts need to come up with more awesome styles for the tinies too! (Or maybe better not!) ¬_¬ 




Blogger ~ Vienni said...

Oh.. (T-T)
I hope you'll find a good way for the hanbok..
And yeah, why Luts & Crobi don't have more style for tinies.. (/-v-)/

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 12:08:00 pm  
Blogger Machiko said...

LOL...Jonghyun wig.. XD

Awww, sorry to hear about the fail from Luts. I'm surprised that the coloring was so off. From what I have encountered in their orders, most of all the things I have gotten have matched the coloring to the monitor/site very well. :(

I wonder if you could exchange it? But it might cost you money...unless it was defective @__@; So I guess that's not an option.

And I see your blog is getting a layout overhaul!! lol..

Thursday, June 07, 2012 10:18:00 am  

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