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I was planning a series of projects for my dolls but I got sidetracked by lots of stuff, including my darn screwed-up blog template, which by the way is still under construction LOL! Anyway, Tetsuya has gotten a little dirty over the one year I had him so I took him out (or rather apart) for a wash... but before that, I thought I'd have some fun posing him for some photos and do a short review of his body posing! 

Tetsuya is a Luts Honey Delf Cookie! ♥

Tetsuya: Ohhh! So it's pom-pom time? >w<

Tetsuya: But I'm so shy!! Hizaki don't peek okay! 

Tetsuya: Btw, did I mention this is NSFW? Tee hee!

Tetsuya: Now I don't want to move! *plop*

I think Honey Delfs have really kicky legs and legs that keep wanting to rotate each time I try to pose him, not sure if it's just mine or if other HDFs have this problem in general... I realized he sort of can't kneel because the legs keep giving way under him... (or maybe I lack the patience to properly pose him LOL)! Otherwise, he can do other poses my other boys can't do!

The pose I do during warming up LOL!

He can even do leg split, which I can't! °□°

And finally...

Tetsuya: draw me like one of your french girls, Jack.
(LOLOL Sorry can't resist. LOOOOOL!)

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Blogger ~ Vienni said...

Hizaki: "But whyyy? We can take a bath together, Tetsuya-Kun~~~"

He's so adorable, duh~♥♥♥♥♥
That last pic is FTW!

Oh, about kicky legs, Hizaki's is no different.
I haven't try to restring her, so I don't know if restringing will solve our problem... 8D;;

Sunday, June 10, 2012 9:01:00 pm  
Blogger Galileo said...

Hahaha, I feel bad for "bullying" Tetsuya in that last picture! XD I tried restringing him but it's still the same... is there supposed to be some special restringing tactics? lol OTL

Monday, June 11, 2012 1:26:00 pm  

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