Posted Friday, August 26, 2011 // 21:32

It has been a crazy day. I was in a dilemma whether to get Soom Alk because I was worried about September Soom releases, so for the past few days I did the same shopping cart thingy again as I did with Ayumu, that is, add to cart, thinks, deletes, add again, hesitate, logoff, login again, looks at cart, sigh, deletes, go back to order page, and randomly add different quantity to see how many dolls are left.

Eventually I decided to just put him on layaway until September release but for some reason, I ended up with 4 Alks and a $1000+ order LOL. I swear I deleted those Alks before checking out, I dunno why! I panicked and spammed the Q&A board but luckily Victoria was understanding although I think she laughed at me for being a klutz about that $1K order. (¬_¬)

I hope she manages to combine my order soon so that I can pay before my order expires. (Good way to test if Alk and I are fated to be together! ♥)

And, I also updated my wishlist. For some reason, I began thinking about getting an SD version of Near to accompany my (incoming??) L... LOL *facepalm me* But I guess that is just wishful thinking! ಥ_ಥ

Another comparison. 

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