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I actually began planning for him for quite some time. When I first saw Cookie on Luts, he reminded me very much of someone (and he was just so darn cute)! So I started planning and saving very early while waiting for Luts Winter Event. Finally, my little boy came home on 6th Jan! His name is Matsumiya Tetsuya and he's one playful guy! And he poses very well! Here's his simple box opening!

The box!

Little Tohma helps open the box!

Luts 2010 Winter Event head

And, and, and most importantly~

Tohma: "Is this my new bolster?"

How he looked once he was rescued from the bubble wrap lol

Properly posed. Luts gave him light blue eyes <3

Tohma and Tetsuya connecting~

Tetsuya says "hi"

With a simple face up (crappily done by me on 8th Jan).

No cat in the box but here's something else (cat fight?) ^^

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