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He looks so sad, his sadness draws me in. I ordered a Chouette on 1.1.2011 (nice date lol) and was expecting him only in Feb. Leeke surprised me when I received him on 1.11.2011 (another nice date lol). Apparently they sent him out on 1.7.2011. (=.=")

Here's his box opening! It took me a while because I had to sand him, gave him a (crappy) faceup, on top of trimming and fixing his wig. (He's one doll I had to work so much on =.=). Pardon the crappy pictures, as they were taken at night. Enjoy~ ^^

(he's taller than my other tinies, but his box is smaller than theirs!)

Post Box Opening~

After fixing his wig + a simple and crappy faceup by me~

My little boy >w<

P/S: Sang Woo has since been renamed to Chil Hyun

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